Auto Glass

May 6, 2016

auto glass repair

Auto Glass Repair in Muscatine

Damaged or shattered glass can be a common outcome during a car accident. Proper repair or replacement is imperative to the structural stability of your vehicle and the safety of its passengers. Replacements and repairs should always be performed by reputable, trained individuals. At the Ed Morse Muscatine Collision center, we work directly with a glass supplier for the material used in the repairing or replacement process. Whether it be a full windshield replacement, a simple repair, or replacement of a glass car window or mirror; you can trust that your vehicle is in the best hands and will be returned to pre-accident condition.

Windshield replacement

Cracks in the windshield can be distracting and potentially dangerous. If ignored, these seemingly harmless small cracks and chips can become larger or even multiply and spread across the entire windshield, compromising the safety of the vehicle and passengers. Cracks and chips can occur in the blink of an eye and may not be preventable a high-speed flying pebble on the highway, a hailstorm, even an accidentally wandering neighborhood baseball can inflict damage on your vehicle’s glass. There are risks involved when driving with a cracked windshield such as shattering while driving or car roof collapsing during an accident. Windshields work as structural support for the roof of the vehicle which helps to keep the occupants of the vehicle safe. If the crack or chip in your vehicle’s glass falls within certain criteria, a repair may be possible. Otherwise, a replacement may be the best option. Our technicians will assess and determine the best and most economical course of action for your vehicle and will restore it to manufacturers’ standards. Give us a call today we are conveniently located in Muscatine near Davenport, Gladwin, and Wapello, IA.

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